How To Save Money While Looking Stylish – Sustainable Fashion

How you dress has a more significant impact than you might think. Not only does it communicate what colours and fabrics you like, but it can also affect your mental well-being. This is true, I know when I am wearing an outfit that I love, I have a lot more confidence for the day. With this in mind, and the way the world is going, you might want to consider adjusting your wardrobe if you plan to lead a more sustainable lifestyle. Doing so will help you live your life to the fullest, knowing that you do something for the benefit of our planet.

Still, making this kind of change can be challenging. After all, following the most popular beauty trends is a straightforward way to stay fashionable, but it is not always good for the environment.

Beauty is an area that can be extremely wasteful and bad for the environment, possibly the same amount as fashion, but looking at more natural products can definitely help with that. None of this means that you cannot dress well if you want to live by the ideas of upcycling, recycling, renting clothes, and sustainability though. Apart from looking for clothes in second-hand stores, you could upcycle your existing garments or purchase high-quality pieces that will serve you well into the future.

Here is a list of valuable tips to save money on clothing and create a more sustainable fashion style:

Avoid Following Trends

The first step to take is to forget about blindly following trends. Instead of mindlessly buying whatever is popular at the moment, consider what you actually need and what pieces you can wear for years to come.

Pick up one or two clothing pieces that flatter your body type and personality, and stick with them. Think of it as a uniform that will help you make a statement and/or convey a message.

As a bonus, this kind of wardrobe building will make you look more unique than if you follow the most popular trends. For example, if you choose to wear a style that borrows from different eras, people will think you are a trendsetter rather than someone who follows the pack.

Stick to a Few Key Pieces

Instead of looking for the newest fashion trends, you could stick to a few classic items that will work well in any style. For instance, a black pencil skirt and a fitted white blouse can serve you on many different occasions. The same goes for a pair of dark blue jeans, which can easily be paired with a casual top or a T-shirt.

Invest in a few key pieces that you can mix and match. As a result, you will actually purchase fewer clothes while having a variety of different looks to create. If you’re like me, you definitely want to invest in a good quality, affordable leather jacket, as this is a key, fashionable piece for a curated closet.

Focus on Quality, Not Quantity

It makes sense to buy clothes that will serve you for a long time. After all, you do not want to spend money on clothing that you will only wear once or twice. This is why it is better to invest in high-quality items. Something I am trying to do more of.

It is always better to have a small number of items you love that will last longer than a closet full of clothes you never wear. This is actually my dream! Minimalism.

You can get clothes at great prices from outlets or second-hand stores. Many people donate their old clothes for various reasons, including moving to a smaller apartment or needing the money for an unexpected expense. If you find something that fits you, take it!

If you cannot find anything suitable, look online. There are plenty of websites where you can buy quality items at affordable prices. Designer re-sale websites are great for this!

Swap Clothes With Friends

Swapping clothes with friends is a fun way to create new outfits without spending money. For example, you will no longer have to buy clothes for your children when the seasons change. Instead, you could simply ask other moms if they have clothing that their little ones have already outgrown.

Another alternative would be to swap clothes with neighbours who live in your apartment complex or in the same neighbourhood. You can get new clothes while also helping others by sharing what you no longer need. Meanwhile, it will help you lighten your load and give you a chance to rediscover some pieces that you might have forgotten about.

DIY Your Clothing

Are you looking to save money on clothing? Then, you will benefit from upcycling your existing garments.

Upcycling is, in essence, a process by which you turn something old into something new and useful again. It involves reusing the materials from discarded clothes and turning them into new pieces. For instance, you could upcycle old T-shirts into shower curtains, neckties, bags, or even pillows.

Upcycling is not only good for the environment, but it can also help you save money. When you repair clothes and use them longer than you would otherwise, you get new items without spending a fortune.

If you are crafty, you can even DIY your own clothing. It is an excellent way to add personal touches to your wardrobe and save money at the same time. I used to do this all the time! I would sew designs onto the back pockets of jeans, I would paint on t-shirts, I even cut up an old pair of jeans and turned them into a denim bag once! Do whatever you feel like doing!

Invest in Timeless Pieces

Finally, one of the best ways to save money on clothing is to invest in items that will never go out of style. You do not need to buy a new blouse or dress every week. If you believe your wardrobe is too small, start building it with timeless pieces that will last for years. Even if the trendiest styles change, basic items never run out of fashion.

If you are on a budget, focus on classic clothes, such as white shirts, black pants, and the main colours of your skin tone. You can also invest in something special, such as statement skirts and jackets, to bring a new dimension to your overall look.

Make sure you buy classic items that coordinate well with the most versatile garments of your existing wardrobe. This is super important as it’s something I never used to do. I’d have all of these bold, statement pieces, and absolutely nothing to wear them with. Basics and versatility are important.

The Bottom Line

As our planet becomes increasingly polluted, it is time to change how we think and see fashion. We need to learn how to live with less and find new ways of being fashionable without harming the environment. The fast fashion industry is one of the worst for this.

If you find it challenging to keep up with the most popular fashion trends or have trouble finding time to shop, consider making small changes to make your life easier. By using the tips above, you should have no issue dressing according to your personal sense of style while staying close to your budget.

Finally, remember that you live in an imperfect world, and you need to accept that things do not always go as planned. However, it does not mean you cannot still live your best life. At the same time, you can do something positive for the planet by being more conscious about the clothes you wear.



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      Thanks so much!

  1. August 9, 2022 / 2:15 am

    These are good tips, and I love your all black outfit! 🙂 I try to only buy pieces I know I will get a lot of wear from and that will work in my wardrobe 🙂 I’m shopping second hand a lot more often too!

    Hope you are having a nice week 🙂

    • Lorna
      August 11, 2022 / 4:13 pm

      That’s amazing that you are already doing that! You have a fantastic closet 🙂

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