Unlocking Your Best Look Through Increased Health

Everyone is familiar with the concept of looking good to feel good. However, many of us overlook the fact that feeling good can make you look good too, it actually works better as it’s a natural radiance that comes from within.

The truth is that your appearance is heavily influenced by your health. Therefore, simple investments in your wellness can have a telling impact on how you look. I know this to be true because when my health isn’t doing so well, everything looks worse, from my skin to my hair. With that in mind, here are five steps you can take to achieve a healthier, better looking you.

Build a better smile

If you have been following me for a while, you will know that this was a HUGE thing for me. A winning smile is truly the greatest physical asset anyone could ever possess. It’s the first thing anyone notices when looking at you or talking to you, while also forming the central focus of human interactions.

When you’re self conscious about your smile because of your teeth (like I was since I developed my adult teeth), it really hinders how vibrantly you shine. I was personally afraid to smile with teeth because I absolutely hated my own teeth, and it meant that I wasn’t showing my true self.

I personally decided to go for teeth realignment, as you know, and it was the best thing that I ever did! However, dental implants are the perfect solution if you’ve lost teeth or have a tooth that is beyond saving. They should not be seen as something that’s exclusive to the older generation as they can help combat a host of health complaints that start in the mouth.

Teeth whitening is also a really popular way to enhance your smile, and that’s something that I did too, along with the realignment to make my teeth straight. This is very useful for restoring your confidence as I know so many people compliment my smile now and how wide it is!

Fight stress

Stress is often referred to as the silent killer. Learning to cope with anxiety and stress is hugely beneficial for your health. However, many people overlook that stress can take a toll on the body. Most notably, it can lead to skin issues such as breakouts of acne and you may age quickly too. Not only are these physical attributes prominent from stress, but the constant amount of cortisol in the body causes a lot of problems to your natural hormone balance, and organ function – especially digestion.

Poor sleep patterns can leave you with issues like dark circles around the eyes. Whereas relaxed minds leave you looking youthful. When given the impact that stress can have on your blood pressure and other health aspects, it needs attention. It’s something I have suffered with a lot, and I know how much of an impact it can have on your physical self as much as your inner self. It’s something to try and keep under control. Trust me.

Get fitter

Most people associate an athletic physique with attractiveness. So, toning up or losing a few extra pounds is sure to support your bid for better looks, as the radiance from the health you’re gaining will really show through. Clothes will usually, naturally hang better on your body, which is always a plus.

A combination of cardio and strength training will yield noticeable improvements within weeks, especially if you’re focusing on the right areas. Toning up the tummy and the glutes is always a good place to start! The key to success, however, is to find a sport or exercise routine that you actively enjoy. This way, you’ll keep up the good work and have positivity throughout your workout. There’s nothing worse than hating your exercise regime and dreading every moment of it – this wont help as much as something you love.

I’ve personally struggled with exercise as I have multiple health conditions, but finding something that works for you is important. Yoga and Pilates is great, swimming is good, even just walking. If none of these are an option, there are exercises you can do from your chair that will help too, so there’s something for almost everyone when it comes to fitness.

Fix your posture

Your fitness levels aren’t the only thing that will impact your physique. Postural problems like slouching can severely impact your image. Moreover, they can put a lot of pressure on your organs. When left untreated, the situation will only get worse over time. Whether you might need to wear supportive posture correctors or attend physical therapy or see a chiropractor (like I personally do) is a personal choice.

Either way, treating the issue will boost your confidence and enhance your look. Better still, you will feel more comfortable in various daily situations. The sooner you act, the sooner you’ll see the benefits. I can definitely say that standing up taller and not being in pain with my joints as often has had an impact on how much better I feel.

Adopting a healthier diet

The old cliche “you are what you eat” carries a surprising level of truth. For starters, staying hydrated will make your skin look younger and clearer. Meanwhile, ensuring that you get the right nutrients will promote healthier hair, nails, and teeth. You may also want to take a food intolerance test. Avoiding foods that have an impact on your health will simultaneously support your looks.

I can also vouch for this because cutting out gluten was another amazing thing that I did once I found out I was intolerant to it. It’s crazy how much of an impact diet has on your appearance. I’m not just talking about weight either, high fat and high sugar diets really impact your skin health and your hormones, which can lead to all sorts of physical changes. Getting all of the nutrients you need via diet, and staying hydrated, is the best thing you can do for your physical and mental health! The good thing is that you start to see the difference almost immediately and the benefits will last a lifetime.

It doesn’t need its own section, but getting my haircut and styled also makes me feel really good. Just keeping up with my maintenance is something I need to do more of because it always makes me look better. What do you do to look and feel better?



  1. September 28, 2023 / 6:25 pm

    I believe that we certainly are what we eat, Lorna, and you look fabulous! =)

    • Lorna
      September 28, 2023 / 11:14 pm

      Well thank you 🙂 That’s very kind of you! I agree with that, we are what we eat!

      • September 28, 2023 / 11:21 pm

        You’re welcome, Lorna. ☺️

    • Lorna
      September 29, 2023 / 7:01 am

      Oh that’s amazing! I am so glad!

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