How to Find the Perfect Sunglasses for Your Style

How to Find the Perfect Sunglasses for Your Style

Sunglasses have been a fashion staple for decades, and their demand isn’t slowing down anytime soon. With a growing awareness of eye health and an increasing interest in fashion thanks to the internet, Digital Journal reports that the eyewear market is booming, and sunnies are a major driver of this growth. They’re a great way to top your look while protecting you from harmful UV rays. I personally love sunglasses and just bought a couple of new ones this summer!

However, with so many options, it can be hard to choose the right pair (it took me months to narrow the right shapes down), even more so if you’re trying to commit to a “Slow Fashion Wardrobe” and make conscious consumer choices, like I am. So, rather than having multiple pairs of sunglasses for every outfit and occasion, a pair that suits your fashion taste and is versatile can do the job. Plus, just having a minimal amount is so much easier to grab and go without putting too much thought into it! Here are some ways you can find the perfect sunglasses for your style:

Opt for versatility

If you enjoy wearing various styles, a versatile pair of sunglasses can work with all kinds of outfits for easy matching. Whether you go for a casual look or prefer dressing up more, versatile shades can suit any occasion. Timeless and classic styles are your go-to, especially since they transcend ever-changing fashion trends. The women’s sunglasses from Ray-Ban show how classic sunglasses frames can stay in fashion for decades. The Original Wayfarers and Clubmaster Classic have been popular styles for ages and come in multiple colour combinations with a choice of lenses to suit your look.

Customizing your sunglasses with your preferred frame, lens, and temple combination allows you to add a personal touch to your shades, which can look good no matter what you wear. The Aviator by them is also a popular choice – it’s a pair I have personally been living in, and they’re pretty universal in terms of fit.

The best thing that you can do though is try some sunglasses in various designs on, and see which pair you think suits your face shape better. All of our faces are different shapes, so different lenses and frames suit different people. You might prefer rounder designs, or you might like more rectangular shapes. As I said above, the Aviator and Wayfarer are pretty universal, so you can’t go wrong with those.

Match your accessories

When looking for the perfect pair of sunglasses, you can look at your current accessories and preferences to see what kind of shades can match best. If you have a lot of gold jewellery or warm-toned accessories, pairing them with sunnies with a brown frame or lenses can tie the vibe together. Conversely, silver accessories and cooler tones may pair well with sleek black shades.

If you want to take it up a notch, you can choose a pair of sunglasses with a metallic frame that complements your existing accessories. Metallics and chrome have had a big fashion moment in 2023, as brands like Gucci and Miu Miu experiment with sequins, tinsel, and shine on the runway, so these are a great way to add flair to your look and stay on trend. This is something I always stick to as wearing sunglasses with gold metal frames should match to gold jewellery, and vice versa!

Consider your lifestyle

Your personal style often reflects the things you enjoy, and you can apply that same principle to your sunglasses. If you like maximalism and colour, sunnies with colourful frames or lenses can give you even more vibrancy and play up your outfits. Simple all-black shades are great if you’re more laid-back or prefer sophistication. If you’re into sports or outdoor activities, sports sunglasses can boost your performance and add a touch of coolness to your everyday look. A great example is Tommy Hilfiger’s line of sports shades, which suit sports and lifestyle wear. Choosing a pair of shades that suit your style and interests can make them even more personal and suited to your vibe.

I have a dressier pair of sunglasses like the Ray-Ban Aviator in rose gold, and I have a couple of plastic framed sunglasses from DIFF that are perfect for the dress down days. I’d say if you’re going for an everyday pair, plastic or metal is a good choice. You can’t really go wrong!

You don’t need to have dozens of sunglasses for your look to make an outfit work. Finding something timeless that works with what you already own and aligns with who you are can make for the perfect pair of forever shades, and it’s sustainable. You won’t need to worry about swapping them out if they’re no longer trendy, and you can pair them with all kinds of looks that are true to your style. I prefer this as a classic pair can last a lifetime and become you’re signature!



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