How to get your summer wardrobe ready 

How to get your summer wardrobe ready 

Now that the warmer months are upon us, you might be thinking about refreshing your summer wardrobe. I certainly have and have got some amazing new pieces that I cannot wait to share with you! The one problem that seems to be common during this time of year though is that your summer clothing has been hiding away at the back of your closet for the past few months, completely forgotten about. But now that the holiday season is within reach (it’s already May!), it’s time to dust off the cobwebs to make sure you step into summer feeling comfortable and confident, whatever the event.

I’ve put together this blog post to explore how you can seamlessly transition your wardrobe so you’re ready for summer at the drop of a hat, and this includes making sure you have everything you need, as well as organising it properly.

Pack away your winter collection 

Make room for the new season by removing your winter essentials. This is something that I never used to do and I’d always have a mixture of seasonal items at the same time, which were colour co-ordinated and always on display. I’ve since learned that there’s a much better option, and that’s the seasonal wardrobe!

Say goodbye to the cold climate by packing away your woolly knitwear, big coats and chunky cardigans. We don’t need those right now. Not only will this help get you in the mood for hotter days, it will also make space for those summer staples.

If you have the room, you can pack items away in the attic or loft using sealed bags or boxes. Alternatively, switch your storage around and place winter clothing at the back of drawers, wardrobes or cupboards so your summer items are easier to access. I have an ottoman style bed, so I can store my winter pieces under there for the time being. Whatever the solution is that you find, having a wardrobe dedicated to the season is so much easier! Trust me!

Try on your clothes

If you’ve got summer items sitting at the back of your wardrobe that you haven’t worn in years, then take the time to try on each piece and carefully consider whether you want to keep it. If it no longer aligns with your style, think about donating to charity or reselling on a second-hand clothing site. This will help free up space for new pieces that will form the base of your summer wardrobe.

I have been doing this for the last few years. I was in a bad habit of keeping all of my clothes just in case, but now, when something doesn’t suit my personal style anymore, or doesn’t fit, I let it go to charity or I sell it. It’s important to do this so that you always have a rotation of clothes you want to wear, and clothes that fit you. There’s nothing worse than having half a closet filled with clothes you don’t really like or reach for. It should be filled with pieces you adore and want to wear.

Build your base

Summer wardrobes often include light materials and pale colours, so you should also consider upgrading your underwear to ensure clean silhouette lines and good support. A well-fitting, luxury bra can help boost your confidence and your look. I would always wear nude, plain bras myself, and those are great bases for most summer pieces, however, I’ve noticed that there are so many cute lace options as well, that work perfectly under shirts with a little peek-a-boo effect, adding different dimensions to your outfits.

Less is always more in the summer months and since the weather is usually hot, you don’t want to feel uncomfortable, irritated and itchy from a bra that you have chosen to wear. Keep things as simple and as minimal as you can, let your body breathe, and try to avoid any bras with embroidery and detailing, as these will show up lumpy under thin camisoles and tops.

Swimwear often features heavily in a summer wardrobe, especially if you’re planning on taking a summer trip or two. Invest in a kaftan or cover-up that makes you feel confident, and choose good quality swimsuits or bikinis to show off by the pool. I did a post recently on swimwear, so do check that out. It’s important to make sure you’re getting the right swimsuits for your body shape and to suit the season!

Invest in versatile pieces

If you find yourself thinking you have nothing to wear in summer, then you might want to consider choosing a few basic items that can be worn to achieve a variety of different looks. Think a classic pair of jeans, simple t shirts and maxi dresses, and a neutral bag that will take you from office to evening.

Each item should lend itself to being dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. The beauty about these items is that they can be paired with lightweight jackets, sandals and even your favourite statement jewellery. I can never be without a pair of jeans, basic tees, and versatile dresses. You might also want to consider how versatile linen shorts and a midi skirt are, these two pieces are wearable almost everywhere!

Finally, add a splash of colour to captivate that summer vibe! Choose from bright florals, pale pastels or block colours to enhance your style and lift your mood. I always find myself enjoying bolder colours when the weather warms up. My favourites for my own skin tones are pinks, corals, and blues, to mix in with my neutral pieces.



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