Plainandsimple – Sustainable, Organic Clothing

Plainandsimple – Sustainable, Organic Clothing

I have something new and exciting to share with you in this blog post! I’m working with a really cool and unique brand – Plainandsimple. You guys know that I have been leaning more towards sustainable brands and clothing lately, and Plainandsimple really hits the mark!

They are sustainably and ethically made using renewable energy in Tirupur, India, and all of their products have been designed to be taken back and re-made into new products at the end of their life. How amazing is that? This means you don’t throw them out, each one comes with a lifetime guarantee, so you can send it back for free and Plainandsimple will reward you with 15% off your next order! Since their launch in July of 2021 – they have received 60+ pieces of clothing back from customers who all have gone on to re-purchase.

Plainandsimple was started with the idea of combating the huge negative impact the fashion industry has on the world. I know I’ve seen a few documentaries on this, especially fast fashion, and my mind was blown from just how damaging and polluting it is. By simply creating affordable sustainable basics, that are designed to last, ethically produced, fully transparent as well as compostable and recyclable, Plainandsimple’s mission is to fundamentally reduce waste, encouraging sustainable practices and making it easy for everyone to make a difference! I love this concept!

They only produce clothing made using 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton, and the pieces are designed with no plastic, from the fabric to the label, which makes the garments 100% biodegradable! Did you know that 99% of clothing has polyester labels and are sewn together with polyester sewing thread? This means it wont biodegrade. Through design innovation, Plainandsimple sourced and developed upcycled cotton printed labels and double-strength cotton sewing thread that was durable enough to run through their sewing machines. This is a brand that’s taking it to the sustainable next level!

Now getting to my outfit, I’m wearing one of their French Terry Organic Hoodies with the centre chest logo! It has a cropped fit, which is what made me fall in love with it in the first place, and the quality is incredible! It’s made from 100% Organic cotton, with a fabric weight of 450 GSM. This means it’s really thick and sturdy – a heavyweight champion. It’s designed to never shrink or fade, which is another amazing thing about these pieces of clothing. There’s nothing worse than shrinkage and fading!

When I received this Hoodie in the mail, I noticed instantly that the packaging and the mailer was 100% recyclable, which had me excited because I will always re-use or recycle packaging. I will never throw it out. When I opened the package, I noticed immediately how thick and heavy duty this hoodie was. It’s a quality I haven’t seen before from a brand when it comes to hoodies.

This french terry hoodie is made from an exceptionally soft loopback organic cotton, which has a ribbing design inside. It also has a double hood and ribbed trim, with a cross-body kangaroo pocket with a secret pocket inside. As I said though, the cropped fit of this garment is what made me fall in love. I’m only 5ft 4, so it’s the perfect shape and length for me! I took a size small in this hoodie, which is my regular size in most brands, and it fits.

Since it’s made from Organic cotton though, it doesn’t have any stretch to it, so I will say that getting it on and off is a bit tricky, especially with the neck opening, it can be tight over your head, so I might consider sizing up for that purpose, even though the rest of it fits. So keep in mind that it’s not stretchy, it’s thick with amazing quality, which does make it a bit harder to get on and off. Once it’s on though, it’s comfortable and you definitely feel like you’re wearing a durable hoodie!

I’ve included lots of photos below so you can see all of the details of this Plainandsimple hoodie, including the white logo stitching and exactly how it fits. I paired it with a simple pair of black skinny jeans that I cuffed, and finished it off with my new HOFF Montreal Trainers. It’s a really simple and easy look, which I ended up loving as I adore all black with little pops of colour at the moment.

Plainandsimple make clothing for both men and women, and they have various items including t-shirts and sweat pants, so if you’re looking for sustainable, incredibly eco-friendly athleisure, this could be the brand for you! Especially given the high quality, and thick organic fabrics. What do you think of London based brand, Plainandsimple? They have non logo items as well.

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