My CLIENT Personalised Scarf

I got this really cute and pretty scarf in the mail from a new brand called CLIENT. They embroidered my initials onto the scarf in bright orange which I love! CLIENT have already been featured in Vogue and InStyle and they are just launching here in the UK with a Military Chic feel. All of their products are made in London in England and I find them to be really quirky. I love the telephone scarf so a huge thank you to them for sending me that as a present! I have included a couple of photos from their Look Book in this post as well so definitely check them out.

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Here is some of the bio from the brand:

The label aims to be equal parts austere and sneakily sexy, and to be as influenced by the cold war as it is by Kraftwerk, Koolhaas, and the coolest clubs in the world.
A secretary, a call girl, a lawyer’s customer and accountant’s patron – they’re all my clients – male or female. The collection nods to uniforms and office wear but interprets that feel with a knowing, modern twist. The pieces are updated, uniquely tweaked takes on the sensibility of what you might expect an old-school shop assistant to wear – or even your lawyer – and the fantasies they might inspire some customers to have after they leave the safe environs of the workplace.. These are the clothes I love to wear – Prim, Sexy, Seductive and Strict. I decided that I wanted to make clothes for men too..and these follow the ethos of Client but have a slightly more edgy military look.

I decided to make everything here in Great Britain – even though it took me two years to find all the production and source all the material . I was sick of walking past shops on the high streets of Britain where everything looks the same – and when you turn out the label it invariably says “made in China”. These clothes are “pile it high sell it cheap” – everything Client is not. I want people to buy my clothes and they last a lifetime – and don’t get thrown in some dusty corner of the wardrobe… I also visited warehouses and found used post -war garments for my “remade” line…old flags, gas bags, scouts jumpers, Nato Coats – I fell in love with all of them…tried them on and only picked the ones I knew I would wear myself ( or want my man to wear!!). These are clothes to empower ..whether you work in a bank, are head of a law firm or a student.

A friend of mine wore a dress for a concert a while ago..a uniform dress made especially for her. One of the journalists present turned round and said to me that the dress was “something a woman would love to wear and a man would love to tear off” . This sums up everything for me.



  1. ALI
    August 2, 2011 / 5:05 pm

    Lucky you Lorna, great scarf, I love the telephone idea! Client seems to have a really unique look, its great how fashion circles, fashion from the forties is now for 2011… What will it be next.

  2. November 25, 2011 / 6:24 pm

    I’m glad you like it!

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