7 Winter Fashion Trends to End the Year in Style

7 Winter Fashion Trends to End the Year in Style

Winters are inevitable and you can see them knocking on your doors as soon as you see trees shedding off their leaves and blanketing the roads with hues of orange and yellow. Some of us wish to remain indoors and not dress up at all, depending on where we live, but that doesn’t seem like much fun when you can be looking super stylish and staying warm!

I have listed some winter fashion trends and hacks that will motivate you to dress up and enjoy the cold months ahead. Check out these trends below and see which one you resonate with! If you love the look above from Etro that was on the runway, it’s all about wrapping up and layering with scarves. That’s something that I can get behind! It’s warm and chic – a winning combination.

Go with Shades of Red

Red is the colour you need to set the mood and energy you need for this winter; go for lively shades of red or if you prefer, those rich merlot tones of wine. You can incorporate it in subtle ways (like using a bold red lip colour) or you can make it your fashion statement by layering your dress with a red colour overcoat or wearing a cherry red knit. In short, you can play with red this season, because this shade has been in the palette of many fashion designers lately. Just be sure to pick the shade of red that suits your skintone best!

Power Dressing

Winter is not about feeling low on energy and choosing the couch over the outside world; it is about dressing up right and owning the season! You should choose power dressing this winter season and look super bossy! You can try the office-going pieces that are re-designed to be less formal, yet give powerful dress code vibes.

Oversized blazers with structured shoulders, button-down shirts, loafers, skirts/ trousers, etc. are some of the garment pieces you can style this winter; as far as the colour palette is concerned, you can try white and shades of gray & black. To add some catchy elements, you can include a bag and statement jewellery to your whole ensemble. The look pictured on the runway above is by Saint Laurent and they are all about the power blazer and tailoring this season. The 80’s shoulder pads are back!

Combat Boots

It can be very tricky to get your footwear right in the winter because you need it to be trendy, yet be great on functionality (nobody wants frostbite!). Here, boots fit the description perfectly. You can choose from a range of boot options (currently, combat boots are on trend); many designers are adding their own creativity to this product and making it fun. One good thing about combat boots is that they are mostly waterproof and you can pair them with literally anything (skirts, midis, pants, jeans, wide legs, dresses, etc.). My pair above is by Jimmy Choo and I’ve had them for many years now, wearing them each season. Combat boots are always on trend every winter, so they will last you a long time.

Baggy Jeans

Oversized silhouettes are still in style which means you can still don baggy trousers/jeans, this winter season. If your style is “comfort clothing” then you will be exhilarated with this winter fashion trend. Surprisingly, it is very easy to pair these baggy bottoms with almost any kind of top (tunics, blouses, halterneck tops, crop tops, etc.). As far as the colour palette goes, you can opt for grey shades, brown and black, while various shades of blue work well for denim. You can also layer them with a chic leather jacket or cropped knit.

To add more glam to your overall appearance, you can add a leather belt; it adds texture to your overall look and makes you look super classy! If you have less of a budget for your winter wardrobe though, you can get coupons and discounts on winter outfits from online fashion stores like Nordstrom, Merrell, Beachly, Modanisa, Allsaints and many more, so you wont be sacrificing on style!

Tailored Coats

One common piece of outerwear that so many of us opt for in the winter is a puffer jacket as it’s utilitarian and warm, but the best coat for this winter season is a tailored coat. It’s all about that minimalism and keeping your lines clean while looking put together and structured. A tailored coat is the perfect option for that. My favourite place to pick mine up is from the REISS petite section so I can ensure that I have the perfect fit. Trust me though, layering a tailored coat over the top of any outfit just makes it look so put together and styled, you can’t go wrong! It’s the ultimate outerwear piece. You can even throw one on over some sweat pants and a hoody – it’s perfect.

Knitwear Over Dresses

A turtleneck cashmere sweater with a long skirt or dress (and obviously boots) is an unbeatable classic and evergreen look that you cannot go wrong with in winter. Allsaints are known for releasing their take on this every colder season and it looks incredible! You can of course pick a satin style dress that is printed or plain, and then choose your knitwear to match the colour palette you’re going for. I own multiple satin dresses and matching knitwear, my recent acquisition was a metallic gold dress and beige jumper (you’ll see it soon). Brown tones are also a winner, as is black, so you really can’t go wrong with this trend.


This trend has been around for some time now and is again gaining popularity in winter due to the holidays. Metallic and sequin pieces are often worn in December because you have Christmas and New Years Eve, which are the perfect occasions for this festive look. However, metallics are trending big time for the entire of winter (according to Vogue) and I am happy to embrace this as it’s such a bold statement!

There’s so many different looks you can create and I adore gold and silver as my metallic of choice! Whether you want to wear a dress that shines, or you prefer a metal skirt or sequin top, you cannot go wrong! I have a pair of gold metallic boots and I’m obsessed with them. If that’s a little too much for you though and you have more of an edgy style, you can layer a leather balfern jacket or a long coat over the top to tone it down.


Winters are harsh but there are stylish ways to enjoy the season; I have listed seven fashion hacks and trends that will help you up your fashion game this winter. You can use this information to suit your personality and your level of comfort. What are some of your favourite winter fashion trends?



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  2. November 2, 2023 / 8:51 pm

    I love adding cosy knits over dresses to make summer dresses work a little more often in my wardrobe! 🙂 It’s nice to see staples I have year on year be trending again! 🙂

    • Lorna
      November 3, 2023 / 5:28 pm

      Yes! They are amazing to wear that way! I love it too!

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      November 4, 2023 / 11:35 pm

      It is such a fun pop of colour!

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    Great suggestions! I especially like the styling of the coat and hat. In autumn you can dress really beautifully.

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