My 5 Winter Essentials Right Now

My 5 Winter Essentials Right Now

I cannot believe that it’s almost February! Where did the time go? As we are still in the middle of winter at the moment and it’s freezing out, I have rounded up 5 of my absolute winter saviours that I’m using currently and cannot be without. I figured some of these might be useful to you, or interesting.

I’ve been spending way more time outdoors than I usually do in the winter months and that’s because Christen was here! We had so much to do, which I am planning to cover in another travel diary type post as soon as I can. I was contemplating adding this Vaseline lip tin to this blog post since I use it every single day, but I use it in the summer as well, so I figured maybe it wasn’t as relevant! It’s a miracle worker for lips though!

Winter Leggings

As the temperatures have dropped a fair amount, these Lovall Winter Leggings have been getting me through the days. I was very much used to just wearing my super stretchy skinny jeans in winter and my legs were always freezing as there’s not much too them. When I tried these winter leggings out though… wow! They are so warm! They are fleece lined, so they’re thick and insulating, but they’re not so padded that they make you look like you gained 10 pounds. They’re really flattering. I own them in black, dark brown, and burgundy. I’ve been living in the black pair almost daily! I took an XS petite in them as they do run a little bit big (I’m usually a small in bottoms). I can’t recommend these enough for cold weather.

Superdry Coat

This coat has literally gotten me through this winter so far. As you know, Christen and I spent 6 weeks together here in the UK and we went on so many day trips for sightseeing purposes. Stonehenge, Wales, Southampton, Salisbury, and even a 4 day break in London. I wore this Superdry Hooded Puffer Coat for pretty much everything, including running errands and lunches. It’s really warm and cosy, with thick padding so that no air gets through at all. You can wear a t-shirt underneath it and you’re not cold. You actually feel cold when you take it off. Plus, it’s entirely waterproof, so it’s been the best winter coat ever this season.

Instead of making you look bulky though, it has a slim fit and actually flatters your figure, making it feminine. Plus, this Woodsmoke colour is so pretty with my skin tone. I love neutral brown and this is one of them! It’s so unique. One of my Instagram followers already bought this because they loved how it looked on me, so if you want this coat, there’s a couple of sizes left in the sale. It does run a bit small, I sized up to a UK 10 and I’m usually an 8.

Mini Chestnut Uggs

I was always against Uggs for years. I never liked the long length and I never liked how people styled them, and the stigma that they had. However, they introduced the Ultra Mini Uggs a while ago and I thought those were super cute. I bought a pair last year, but unfortunately due to the lower shaft, they give me a blister unless I have thick socks, but then they show!

So, I ended up getting the standard Ugg Mini Boots in Chestnut when I was in Wales. They actually had them in stock in Office, which was shocking! These have a little bit of a higher shaft, but they are still cute and they don’t look basic. They can actually still be dressed in a fashionable way. I know everyone is wearing the chunky platform Uggs at the moment, but platforms haven’t been for me since the 90’s, lol. Anyway, these keep my feet super warm and they’re comfortable, so I finally see what all the fuss is about!

OPI Nail Oil

During the cold months the skin around my nails and fingers tends to get really dry and cracks or peels. Then I end up picking at it which is a really bad habit of mine! I use hand cream every single night, but it’s not enough around the cuticles and edges of the nails. I started using this O.P.I Pro Spa Nail & Cuticle Oil about a year or so ago and it’s incredible! It really softens and heals the dry, chapped skin around my nails that I get in winter, and it actually helps my nails grow faster. I cannot be without it! I put it on at night and it makes the world of difference to the unsightly chapped skin. I cannot recommend this enough!

Simba Hybrid Duvet

The final item is the Simba Hybrid Duvet. I recently got this and it’s really good! It’s not too thick, it’s quite structured as a duvet, but it keeps you so warm. It’s absolutely perfect for sleeping. I haven’t tried it in the summer yet though as it’s new, but it’s supposed to have technology that keeps you cooler in warmer temperatures.

I cannot wait to go to bed now as I just got a new mattress too, I bought the Silentnight Geltex Ultra 3000 and it’s the most comfortable and softest mattress, ever. My previous one from the brand was too firm, even though it was called soft and it gave me backache, so I had to exchange it for this one after a lot of research, and it’s perfect. I do not want to get out of bed in the morning as I’m sinking in and my joints are hugged and secure. So the new mattress with the new duvet is a winning combination! Winter is going ok now, ha ha.

What are some of your winter must have essentials?



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