Christmas In The City Of Bath

Apparently it’s Christmas next week, and that seriously crept up on me really quickly. This year has been a crazy one for every single one of us, and even though I’ve had a tough time of it myself (two relationship break ups and some depression), I know that everyone has had their own struggles when it comes to Covid ruining everything during 2020. It’s been the cause of relationship break ups, families missing time with each other, travel bans, businesses having to close down, people losing their jobs, and unfortunately a lot of deaths. I don’t think this year will ever be forgotten and it will be one that is in the history books for centuries to come. With all of that in mind, I know that Christmas this year will be a struggle for a lot of people, not being able to spend it with loved ones, but I’m hoping now that the Vaccine is in place in some countries, things will start to pick up, but you never know.

With all of this in mind, normal life has taken a backseat and I don’t really go out that much now as I hate wearing masks (I feel claustrophobic) and the restrictions and rules on everything just make things far less enjoyable. However, I did go out on Sunday with my brother and dad, to get some lunch and walk around the Bath town. It’s the first time I have seen the Christmas decorations this year, and they look magical! The lights in Southgate (where I’m standing with the umbrella) are absolutely gorgeous! I was happy that it was raining too because it created the most beautiful reflection on the ground. The Bath Abbey is also lit up a magical shade of pink and blue, which blends into purple. So these photos are for everyone out there that can’t get out to see any Christmas decorations. I hope you find a small piece of enjoyment within them and I also hope you’re well! Lorna xx.


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