Moissanite – A Sustainable Gemstone To Own

Like me, you’ve probably come across so many stories about ‘blood diamonds’ and the pretty serious consequences of diamond mining – both on our planet and the communities that surround these mining areas. It’s all rather grim – so, in my quest for a guilt-free sparkle, I stumbled upon a gem (pun intended) that’s becoming a smashing hit across the UK and beyond, and I thought I’d share. It’s called Moissanite, and from what I can see, it’s pretty much stealing the spotlight when it comes to couples choosing their engagement rings.

And there are quite a few seriously impressive reasons as to why. Number one, of course, has to be the sustainability element behind them. But mined diamonds? Not so much. They come with a heavy backpack of ethical and environmental issues that frankly, the world is almost certainly better off without. Spend just a few moments reading up on the negative global impacts of traditional diamonds and gold mining, and you’ll understand why.

Yet with lab-created Moissanite, that high-end, eco-friendly feel is not lost, and if you look at the difference in pricing, they don’t cost the Earth (literally and metaphorically). The part I didn’t realise, which also seems to be the main attraction for most people, is that you truly cannot tell the difference between Moissanite and mined diamonds with the eye. It’s hardly noticeable, (until you take a peek at your bank balance). I’ve worn Moissanite before, a few years ago, and the sparkle was unbelievable though, I think it’s even prettier than diamond. Take a look at these two Moissanite engagement rings below for example – and be honest with me. Can you tell the difference?

And companies that sell these stunning stones tend to go the extra mile, with some using recycled gold for their rings and with each piece coming with a lifetime warranty and a certificate of authenticity. Fancy, right? And the packaging’s attention to detail is often incredible. Be it an engagement, a wedding, or just a long-awaited (& well deserved!) treat, finding the perfect token of your affection is THE most essential part of celebrating something special.

In terms of the cost? As mentioned above, you won’t need to remortgage your house for a beautiful sparkle. Moissanite offers that lush, luxury look without the outrageous price point that typically accompanies diamonds. Win-win.

Plus, as we transition into the summer months (finally!), Moissanite seems to be showing itself to be a particularly popular choice for engagement rings that perfectly complement summer styles. It just has that deep brilliance and solid durability that make it embody the essence of summer – with vibrancy, the option of a sparkling colour, but also a lasting symbol of summer love.

This connection with the vitality of nature makes it ideal for those who love the outdoors or simply appreciate the beauty of a gemstone that sparkles as brightly under the British summer sun as it does throughout the rest of the year.

While Moissanite has pretty much taken centre stage for engagement rings, don’t think it stops there. It’s quite a versatile gemstone in the grand scheme of things, meaning that it isn’t limited by affordability and cuts to just a few pieces, like mined diamonds often can be.

There’s a huge, huge range of vintage inspired sets, pendants, bracelets, and some pretty stunning silver-based pieces too, where the Moissanite stone sits gently clasped on top. End result? There’s always a piece to reflect delicately off of your summer outfit, whatever your style might be (and especially if you’re not getting engaged soon!)

The range of different Moissanite products on the market is also vast and varied, meaning there’s something to suit everyone’s taste, or for whatever special occasion you might want to gift it for. So, have a look around and maybe treat yourself, or a loved one, to a bit of sustainable luxury in the coming weeks.

I just wanted to share how gorgeous Moissanite is with you all, since we’re all trying to go in a much more sustainable direction these days, but don’t want to give up beautiful pieces!


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