My 10 Ultimate Summer Essentials


When it comes to Summer, I always find myself reaching for my essentials and making sure I’m stocked up ready for the heat (well, if you can call it that here in England!). As a fashion blogger, I’m always eager to put away my coats, heavy jackets, boots and scarves and replace them with my Summer alternatives! I thought it might be a good idea to share with you what my 10 ultimate Summer essentials are in this post! This is including everything from clothing and make-up, to lotions and water! Whenever I think of Summer, I always have that nostalgic feeling of happiness as having warm weather is something of a rarity here for any long period of time, so I can’t help but smile when I think of it!



Sunglasses are always at the top of my list for Summer! I’m very cautious of my eyes and not wanting to get premature crows feet as well as protecting my eyes from the UV rays, however I don’t just love sunglasses because they are beneficial, I love them because of how pretty they are! I’ve built up quite a collection over the years with Ray-Ban being my favourite brand. Anytime it’s sunny, I always make sure I take my sunglasses with me! My current favourites are my Ray-Ban mirrored lenses, I have 5 different pairs and I can’t get enough of them! They really make any outfit fashionable and stylish!

Denim Shorts


Since you already know how obsessed with denim I am, it’s only fitting that I own numerous pairs of denim shorts too! They are my absolute must have as they help keep me cool and they look amazing too! My favourites are my vintage Levi’s cut off denim shorts, I seem to live in those the most! If it’s too hot though, I will opt for a pair of linen shorts instead to keep me extra cool! But, denim shorts are a must for me! I can’t be without them! Even if I’m wearing a really floaty lightweight dress, I always have a pair of shorts underneath to make sure I don’t flash anyone!

Arm Candy


As you probably already know as well, I have a serious collection of jewellery. In Winter, I often choose scarves and gloves as my accessories, but in the Summertime when I have bare arms most of the time, I always opt for lots of arm candy and rings! You will always find a watch on my wrist layered with lots of different bracelets to keep my arms interesting and decorated. I also can’t be without rings! Since hands can get quite hot and sticky in the heat, I tend to opt for little, thinner rings and these Pandora silver rings for women are perfect for that. I find rings like this much easier to wear so they don’t get in the way or end up being annoying when you are trying to keep cool! Small is best!

Sandals & Espadrilles


Who wants sweaty, hot feet in the Summer? I definitely don’t! I tend to stay away from boots, high tops and fully covered shoes if it’s too hot and instead I’m always choosing a pair of sandals (without the strap between your toes) or espadrilles. I adore sandals purely because they keep your feet cool, it’s like wearing nothing so they permanently have air getting to them, helping to lower your body temperature as well as looking pretty with your shorts or dresses! If I’m going to be doing a lot of walking though, I will choose espadrilles as they are a great comfortable shoe for walking in and they do keep your feet cooler because of the fabric too! Not to mention they always look adorable! You can also find and shop sandals for women online. There is a big selection to choose from depending on your style and preference. There are some for the adventurous type and others that will simply help to boost your style.

Suncream & Tanning Lotion


I’m always the type of girl that takes health seriously so I will never ever leave the house without sun cream on if it’s hot outside. I have very fair skin (which is obvious) and I know it can damage very easily, so I always make sure I have a SPF30 on any part of me that’s showing, especially my arms, chest, legs and feet. Never forget your feet as a lot of people do and that’s where skin cancers can form without you noticing. The Barbara Panagos mineral foundation that I wear every time I go out also has SPF35 in it and I have a face suncream too, so even during the Winter, my face is protected from the UV rays. I can’t ever be without it! I even have a Nivea lip balm with SPF in it to make sure my lips are protected too!

Since I mentioned I am incredibly pale, I never actually tan. I could be outside all day and not get a tan for some unknown reason, so one of my favourite products which I have been using for years is the Dove tanning moisturiser. It really gives me a subtle glow after a couple of applications, you do have to be careful around your knees and ankles though as they can go darker quickly, but it’s a great product. It doesn’t smell ‘too’ much and it moisturises at the same time, I always apply this if I’m wearing shorts!

Different products may have specific recommendations regarding application and timing. If you shave or wax, do so before applying the tanning lotion. This helps prevent uneven colouration and ensures the lotion is absorbed evenly. Moisturized skin tends to absorb tanning products better. Apply an oil-free moisturiser to your skin before applying the tanning lotion, focusing on areas prone to dryness, like elbows and knees.

Use a tanning mitt or gloves to help distribute the lotion evenly and prevent your palms from getting too much colour. Take your time to blend the tanning lotion into your skin. Use circular motions to avoid streaks and ensure no visible lines. Check out for more summer skin care tips here.

Hair & Make-Up Essentials

These are of huge importance to me, I already mentioned that I use the mineral foundation, but during the heat, your make-up can run if you aren’t careful and you sweat too much, so a waterproof mascara is my number one! I actually wear this Benefit They’re Real mascara during Winter too in case it rains, but it’s absolutely fantastic! It lengthens and really makes your eyelashes look long, but the bet thing is it wont come off until you make it come off with make-up remover. It stays put all day!

Another product I love for my face is moisturising tinted lip balms. My lips tend to get very dry in the Summer, as well as the Winter, so having a lipstick that actually moisturises at the same time is fantastic. I use the Pixi Tinted Lip Balms and they actually last for hours. Usually lip colours come off after a very short amount of time, but after trying dozens, the Pixi ones are the best ones I have found for staying hydrated and the colour lasting. I can’t be without them! Not to mention the adorable pastel shades they come in! I also love the Maybelline Baby Lips!

Now for my hair, it can get quite dry and frazzled in the sunshine, so I always make sure I use conditioning oils or sprays. I have a Kerastase Oil that is fantastic, it makes your hair silky and soft, but I also have a Aussie leave in conditioning spray which works wonders too! I find my hair looks really silky after using these and never looks or feels too dry. To jazz things up a little bit though, I love having flowers in my hair in the Summer. I have a few different coloured flower clips which I wear to really brighten up my look and I think they are so much fun! I always love different hair accessories in Summer, but not hats. I rarely wear hats as they make my head too hot. I’m not forgetting hair ties either, since I have really long and thick hair, I always like to tie it up when I can, to let air circulate.

A Pedicure


Those of you who have read my blog for a long while will know that I have an intolerance/allergy to chemical smells and nail polish is one of them. That’s why you rarely ever see me with nail polish on my fingers unless it’s my water based polish which doesn’t have a scent to it. But, just because I can’t have nail polish on my fingers, doesn’t mean I can’t on my toes! I never visit the salon, so I always do my own pedicures and always have done, but I do it outside so that I’m not surrounded by the smell. This means that I can have pretty coloured toe nails in the Summer and not suffer for it as they dry fast outside and the smell evaporates quite quickly. I think painted toes always make sandals look so much nicer! Reds, corals and pinks are my favourite shades!

Loose Tank Tops & Tees


I think loose tank top and tees are on most ladies agendas when it’s hot out! They team perfectly with the denim shorts and of course they keep you really cool as they have a looser fit, allowing more air to get around. I live in these types of tops for the Summer, I have numerous tees in all sorts of colours and lots of printed tank tops too! I can’t be without them!

Pairing loose tank tops and tees is effortless for a versatile summer wardrobe. For a laid-back vibe, denim shorts are my go-to, offering comfort and style. When aiming for a more polished look, tucking the tee into a high-waisted skirt creates a chic ensemble, perfect for various occasions. Cooler evenings call for wide-legged pants or culottes paired with a denim jacket or light cardigan.

Accessorizing with hats, sunglasses, or statement jewellery adds a personal touch, allowing me to adapt these wardrobe staples to any setting. The adaptability and comfort of these tops make them essential for a stylish and cool summer.

Small Cross-Body Bags


The last thing I want to be doing is carrying around a big bag or something heavy in the Summer. I tend to prefer crossbody bags for the warmer months purely because you don’t have to hold them and risk getting sweaty hands. I think the hands free option is much nicer! Small bags just hold those little essentials that you need too like a lip balm, mirror, phone, keys etc so you don’t have to lug around too many items and risk getting hotter! I’ve got loads of small bags and I adore them all! I specifically chose to feature the 3.1 Phillip Lim Mini Pashli though as it has a gorgeous Summer sunshine yellow colour to it, called Pollen Buff, which I think is fitting for the season!



And finally… We have water! This might seem like a strange thing to include in my Summer essentials list, but to me, water is a must! I drink it throughout the day every day and make sure that I always have a bottle with me. Not only to stop me dehydrating but to keep my skin looking healthy and hydrated too as well as helping my body function properly as I’m so busy! It’s amazing just how important water is during the Summer months, I always make sure I’m sipping it whenever I can be! Just like I don’t leave the house without my suncream on, I never leave without a bottle of water either!

So, these are my 10 ultimate essentials to get me through the Summer. What do you think? I would love to know yours as well! Comment and let me know!

Written by Lorna Burford



  1. ali
    June 29, 2014 / 8:23 pm

    Well, I do love Body shop body butter, it smells good enough to eat. Sunglasses are a must for me too. Hair care I tend to vary because my hair gets to used to it and goes lank, I use BareMinerals foundation which has built in SPF, and I always use a lip balm as well. This is a great post , thanks for sharing x

    • Lorna
      June 29, 2014 / 8:37 pm

      Those sound like great products too, I love Body Shop and Bare Minerals as well!

  2. June 30, 2014 / 3:36 am

    I agree with everything you suggest!!
    I love the colours you have going through your summer essentials!
    But I really love your sandals!
    xo Holly xo


    • Lorna
      June 30, 2014 / 11:45 am

      Thanks Holly!

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      Thank you!

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      Thanks 🙂

    • Lorna
      June 30, 2014 / 6:37 pm

      Thanks 😀 I haven’t worn those for years!

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      Thank you!

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