My Stackers Classic Jewellery Box Review + Discount Code

STACKERS Classic Jewellery Box Review + 10% Discount Code

I absolutely adore jewellery, yet I never really had a great storage system for it. I used to keep my jewellery in its own boxes, piled into a drawer, or stacked about, and it was an absolute mess! It wasn’t easy to grab specific items I needed, or see everything that I had in one place. I knew it was time to change that awful system and actually get a decent jewellery box.

After doing a lot of research online into the best jewellery boxes that looked fashionable, sleek, chic and were easy to use, I came across Stackers. I hadn’t heard of them before, but they have an amazing concept! You can choose different layers to your jewellery box, depending on what kind of jewellery you favour the most, and stack them on top of each other to create a jewellery box!

I loved this idea and thought it was amazing! They do have stacked drawers that you can choose from, instead of open layers like mine, but after much deliberation and hours choosing what I wanted, I went for the open stacked pieces as it was easier to use and slightly more roomy! You can even get your initials put on the top of the jewellery box for a unique personalisation!

Narrowing down the colour was extremely hard though as there’s so many gorgeous shades to choose from, but I eventually went with Putty Crocodile as I wanted something a little elevated, but still neutral. So, lets get to my more in depth review of the Stackers Classic Jewellery Box and watch my video below!

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And for those of you wondering what jewellery that I mostly wear, it’s mainly Daisy London and Lily & Roo pieces that I wear all of the time. They’re super elegant and dainty!

The Stackers Classic Jewellery Box Size

So as you know, I opted for the Classic size as it seemed to be the most versatile and suitable. This measures 25cm/9.8 inches in width, 13.7cm/5.4 inches in height, and 18cm/7.1 inches in depth. It’s a pretty decent size as you can see, and houses a lot of jewellery. Stackers do make a supersize jewellery box as well, and a mini jewellery box, so there’s two other sizes to pick from if the classic doesn’t work for your needs. You can also see above the individual layers, to see that they stack on top of each other.

The Stackers Classic Jewellery Box Design

The design of these unique jewellery boxes was what attracted me to them in the first place. A sleek box, with muted colours, and an elegant, simplicity that you can’t go wrong with. I love the concept of buying individual stacking layers so that you can customise your jewellery box to the pieces that you own. If you adore earrings as an example, you could get two earring layers instead of just one. It’s perfect! And as your jewellery collection grows, you can just buy more layers!

It’s rectangular in shape, creating a box look, and the top of this one lifts up, with a little magnetic closure. I will explain more about the individual layers below. This particular Stackers Classic Jewellery Box is made from a faux leather exterior, and a velvet interior, with a crocodile print on the outside.

The Classic Jewellery Box Lid

The lid, as I mentioned, features a top that opens up and closes with a magnetic button, in gold hardware. The interior is all velvet and it has the Stackers logo on the underside of the lid – it’s amazing! So the top section contains two necklace/bracelet layers, 5 larger squares for bigger jewellery, and a ring holder. This has to always be the top piece as it doesn’t have any parts for you to attach layers on top. This is useful with all of these layers as it means you can stack your favourite pieces on top at all times. Buy it now.

The Classic Trinket Layer

This is the earring layer for me, as I own a lot of earrings! It features 25 small little sections to house all your trinkets in. This could be charms, rings, or earrings. Just like all the other layers, it’s made of velvet so it’s super soft and gentle on all of your jewellery pieces. Click here to buy.

The Classic Necklace Layer

This is exactly as the name depicts! It’s the necklace layer and it’s split into 5 different sections. I personally do include bracelets in here that do up with a claw clasp, like a necklace, and it works perfectly! There’s enough room in here for multiple necklaces and bracelets to be stored in a compartment together. Buy it here.

The Classic Statement Layer

Similar to the trinket layer, but much bigger, this statement layer is perfect for your bigger jewellery pieces. It contains 9 sections, and these are perfect for your statement necklaces that are large, your larger earrings, statement bracelets etc. It’s the layer I keep at number 4 in my jewellery box setup. If you prefer dainty little jewellery and don’t have anything statement, you can definitely skip this layer. Buy it here.

The Classic Watch Accessory Layer

Then lastly we have the watch accessory layer. This one is very self explanatory, it’s 3 deeper sections (as it’s the deepest layer of them all) and it’s meant for housing watches. You can of course buy inserts for these sections like I did. I purchased the ring insert so I could have plenty more ring holding room as I adore rings on my fingers. You can also buy a watch pillow, so you can wrap your watches around it if you don’t want to lay them flat like I did. I keep this tray as an overflow section too – it’s super handy! Buy it here.

So this is my review on the Stackers Classic Jewellery Box in Putty Crocodile. I cannot recommend this enough as a jewellery box that not only looks amazing, but is super efficient to use and customisable. I give it a 10/10 on pretty much everything and there are so many colours to choose from. I also have 10% off exclusively for you by using my code LORNA10 at the checkout! What do you think of this jewellery box? You can view my video review below too to see exactly how it works! They also sell travel jewellery cases which I’m going to share soon! I own this one.

*A collaboration with Stackers – I was gifted 3 layers and purchased the rest on my own, I genuinely love the brand so this review is 100% my own and not swayed.



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