Swim Trends 2023: The Best Swimsuit Brands for Hitting the Beach in Style

Top Brands & Some of the Best Styles on the Market 

We’re approaching that time of year again, swimsuit season! While swimsuits are typically a closet staple, going out and having to buy can be a frustrating experience for many of us. You might find it tricky to find a style that caters well to your body type, since our bodies all come in different shapes and sizes. I did give you a post on styling swimwear as part of your outfit last week, so hopefully that helps too!

Before going out to look for a swimsuit, it may be in your best interest to do some research into brands before you shop. Along with a variety of styles and colours, you should also look for a brand that uses high quality fabric. Otherwise, you’ll be more likely to have to buy a new suit in a shorter amount of time.

Swimsuit Trends in 2023

With the summer time quickly approaching, it’s time to find out the cutest new swimsuit trends of 2023! Check out these swimsuit trends to help rock your style:

Best Swimsuit Brands of 2023

To give you an idea on some of the best brands on the market today and what kind of qualities to look for in a good swimsuit, check out some of these best swimsuit brands!

Agua by Agua Bendita

The elegant and timeless garments of the brand, known as Agua by Bendita, are designed to be both functional and beautiful. They are made from sustainable materials and are committed to being good for the environment. Every element of the collection is inspired by the cultures and traditions of Latin America, which the company is passionate about sharing.

Image courtesy of Shopbop, where you can shop this Agua by Agua Bendita floral one piece swimsuit today. 


The collection of the brand Cocoship features various swimsuit styles that are inspired by the 1950s. Most of these are designed with a retro-inspired silhouette and a swim top that looks like a vintage bra, with a few of the other designs leaning towards a little more modern.

Although the vibrant flower patterns and polka dot designs of this brand might make you think that this is a must-try, customers are also happy with its quality and support. Its affordable price makes it an ideal choice for anyone looking for something a little bit different.

Swimsuits for All

With a wide selection of swimsuit tops and affordable prices, plus-size women can easily shop for their favorite summer swimsuit at Swimsuits for All. The site’s easy-to-use shopping platform allows users to select from various body types and features, such as bust support and chlorine resistance. In addition, the sizes of these tops vary depending on one’s bra size.

The brand caters to various body types with its wide range of designs and quality. While some of its options are more expensive, there are also bargains on select pieces. Their goal is to provide both comfort and style.


The founder of Wolven, Kiran Jade, draws inspiration from her South Asian heritage when it comes to creating her designs. For instance, the company’s one-pieces and bikini sets feature vibrant henna and mandala patterns. They’re made from recycled plastic bottles, which are then treated with a bit of spandex for added stretch.

The versatility of Wolven’s reversible suits makes them an ideal choice for people who want to experiment. However, if you need additional lining or support, you might want to consider other brands. All of Wolven’s products are made from sustainable materials and are sent in either biodegradable or recycled packaging.

Image courtesy of Wolven, where you can check out a variety of other styles available!

Vitamin A

Inspired by the 1970s beach glamour, Vitamin A was founded in California. The brand’s clothes are made from a wide range of fabrics, such as EcoLux and the EcoRib, which are both made from plant-based and recycled fibers. The packaging boxes are also made from paper, and the prints are made using digital technology, which helps minimize water consumption. Each one of the company’s products is designed to be incredibly eye-catching and desirable.


TomboyX was created for individuals who like to express themselves in a way that’s appropriate for them. The brand makes tank tops, racerbacks, and halter tops that are all made of Oeko-tex certified materials. These are quick-drying, have sun protection, and can be paired with shorts that are varying lengths.


One of Australia’s leading fashion designers is Camilla Franks. Her intricate and artistic creations are renowned all around the world. Franks’ imaginative and travel-inspired designs combine to create stories that are told through her unique perspective.

In 2004, Camilla’s first collection was launched during Australian Fashion Week. The show, which was designed to shock the industry, featured a variety of theatrical elements.

Since her debut, Camilla Franks has established a global print house that is known for its distinctive aesthetic. Capturing the essence of her love for travel, she creates limited-edition pieces that are made to be treasured by collectors. Her designs are hand-drawn and created by in-house artists using a combination of traditional and modern techniques.

Image courtesy of Shopbop, where you can find intricate one piece swimsuits like this V wire cut made by Camilla


For over 40 years, Cosabella has been a brand dedicated to perfecting its Italian lingerie. Now, it’s launching a new collection called Vita Marina, which includes both swimwear and bandeaus. These are made from recycled nylons and are available in three basic colours. Bandeaus are typically made to fit around the neck and can be tied into a front knot. For bottoms, sizes will range from 43.5 to 40H.

Hunza G

The Hunza G line was founded in the 80s and became famous for their mini dress that Julia Roberts wore in Pretty Woman. After 30 years, the brand was relaunched under the direction of Georgiana Hudson. Their bathing suits and bikinis are made with seersucker fabric, which is figure-sculpting.

Con Carino

Con Cario’s eco-friendly beachwear features vibrant and feminine designs inspired by the island of Kauai!

The suits of Con Cario are made ethically in Venezuela by the founder’s family. This ensures that they are both high-quality and transparent. Their suits are made with a double-lined and Oeko-tex certified luxury fabric that’s made from recycled plastics.

Through their social responsibility programme, Con Cario also supports local Indigenous groups in Venezuela by donating 25% of their sales to the Maniapure Foundation.


The new line of Orca swimwear for 2023 is designed to meet the needs of both open-water swimmers and triathletes. The company’s wetsuits are made with a durable and lightweight Yamamoto neoprene, which provides a great fit and comfort. The designs in the new range are also sleek and modern.

Charlie Holiday

Charlie Holiday is an Australian lifestyle brand that creates beachwear and ready-to-wear clothing for men and women, which is inspired by the endless summer days and the freedom of traveling. The brand’s clothes are made to allow people to experience different cultures and destinations.

Charlie Holiday’s collections are made to inspire effortless style, with modern sophistication and timeless silhouettes. They are versatile enough to take you from the beach to the bar, with loungewear offerings that combine comfort and style.

Image courtesy of Shopbop, where you can find this Devin one piece made by Charlie Holiday. Shop quick, this is the last style available on the Shopbop website!


For over 40 years, Arena has been a leading manufacturer of swimsuit products. The company’s commitment to providing high-quality materials and performance has made it an ideal choice for swimmers. This year the brand will be releasing a new line of swimwear that will feature its Infinity material, which is designed to keep the body warm and repel chlorine. The new collection’s sleek and stylish designs are highlighted by vibrant colors and minimalistic logos.


The fashionable and unique swimsuit brand known as Volare offers a wide range of designs and vibrant colours. Their clothes are made using high-quality materials such as polyester, nylon, and spandex, which provide long-lasting durability and stretch.

Get Your Swimsuits Ready + Make Sure to Check out Shopbop

You may be dreading the thought of having to go out and find a swimsuit, but when you find the right brand the experience is so much more enjoyable! Make sure to look out brands that incorporate a variety of styles, colours, and sizes, along with durable material. Don’t forget to check out Shopbop for some great deals on swimsuits this upcoming season!



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