Achieving Flawless Eyebrows: Easy Factors for Perfect Shapes

Achieving Flawless Eyebrows: Easy Factors for Perfect Shapes

Ever wondered why some people have a ‘wow’ factor while others blend into the crowd? Sure, beauty is subjective, but there’s a secret ingredient that often goes unnoticed – the right eyebrow shape. As simple as it may sound, the perfect brow shape is a game-changer. It can accentuate your eyes, give a lift to your face, and even make you look younger.

Choosing the wrong eyebrow shape, on the other hand, can throw your facial features off balance. Too thin, and they may make your eyes look disproportionately large. Too thick, and they could overpower your face. Too arched, and you might appear perpetually surprised. That’s why understanding your brow shape is more than a beauty routine. It’s a subtle art of enhancing your natural features while keeping everything in harmony.

But how do you find that elusive perfect brow shape? According to this eyebrow shapes guide by Lilac St. it’s not just about following trends or mimicking your favourite celebrity’s look. The perfect eyebrow shape for you depends on a variety of factors: your face shape, natural eyebrow shape and thickness, and even age. So, we’ll explore these factors in depth to guide you towards achieving flawless eyebrows!

Your Face Shape

First things first: your face shape plays an important role in determining the eyebrow shape that suits you best. Is your face round, oval, square, heart-shaped, or long?

For round faces, creating an arch can give the illusion of a more elongated face. The arch shouldn’t be too high, but just enough to provide a lift.

If your face is oval, consider yourself lucky as this shape tends to suit most brow styles. However, a soft-angled shape often works best for oval faces, offering a natural look that enhances the face’s balanced proportions.

Square faces, characterized by a strong jawline, can balance this out with a curved brow shape. A defined sharp peak at the top of the brow creates a striking balance.

Heart-shaped faces, on the other hand, work well with a soft, rounded arch that complements the delicate facial structure.

For long faces, a flatter eyebrow shape works wonders as it makes the face appear slightly shorter. Just a slight curve to the brow without a pronounced arch will do the trick.

Each face is unique, and while these are general guidelines, they are not set in stone. What matters most is that you feel comfortable and confident with your brow shape. After all, you wear it every day!

Your Natural Eyebrow

Often, we get caught up in trends or try to imitate the eyebrows of our favorite celebrities. But here’s the truth: the best brow shape for you is likely the one you were born with.

Your natural eyebrow shape is a product of your unique genetics and facial structure. And guess what? It’s specifically designed to complement your individual features. When you work against it, your brows might end up looking out of place or unnatural. On the other hand, enhancing your existing shape will highlight and celebrate your natural beauty.

So, how can you determine your natural brow shape? First, look in the mirror and study your brows as they are. Notice their thickness, where they start, arch, and end. You can use a pencil to help identify these points. Align the pencil with the outer edge of your nose and the inner corner of your eye – that’s where your brow should start. The highest point of the arch should line up with the outer edge of your iris. Lastly, your brow should end where the pencil, held against the outer corner of your nose, crosses the outer corner of your eye.

Staying in Sync with Trends

Over the years, eyebrow trends have swung from one extreme to another. There were pencil-thin brows that ruled the 90s, the bold and classic thick brow of the 2010s, and more recently, the ‘fluffy brows’ trend, characterized by natural, feathered, and slightly messy brows.

While it’s fun to experiment with these trends, don’t lose sight of what suits you best.

One way to incorporate trends without compromising your natural shape and style is to focus on aspects like filling and grooming. For example, if the trend is towards fuller brows but yours are naturally thin, don’t rush to grow them out or make them look unnaturally thick. Instead, you could subtly add fullness using a brow powder or pencil.

If ‘fluffy brows’ are in, consider using a clear or tinted brow gel to brush your brows upwards for a fuller, feathered look. Keep in mind that it doesn’t suit everyone, as it’s quite bold and unkempt. I personally am not a fan of laminated or fluffy brows on myself. Experiment and see as you need to remember, trends come and go, but your face remains the same. So, it’s always a good idea to use trends as a guide rather than a set of hard rules.


As we grow older, changes in our skin and hair can influence not only the appearance of our eyebrows but also how we should shape and maintain them.

To begin with, the colour of our eyebrows can change with time. They may start to gray or simply fade, losing some of their former vibrancy. This can affect how our eyebrows frame our face and may require us to adapt our grooming routine to ensure our eyebrows continue to complement our features. Eyebrow tinting or using a brow pencil a shade darker can help maintain a defined brow line. Be sure to keep this the same colour as your eyebrows naturally were. I had a mishap recently of getting my eyebrows tinted and the technician went way too dark (I’m blonde) and it devastated me.

Hair loss is a common part of aging, and this applies to our eyebrows too. Thinning eyebrows can be addressed by using eyebrow serums that encourage hair growth or eyebrow pencils and powders that can give the illusion of fuller brows.

Finally, our skin also changes as we age. It loses elasticity, and this can affect the lift of the eyebrows. As our skin becomes less firm, our eyebrow shape can shift. To counteract this, you can adjust the peak of your eyebrows. Creating a slightly higher arch can help maintain a youthful and fresh look.



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