7 Winter Beauty Tips To Look & Feel Fabulous

As winter is just around the corner and the temperatures are going to drop, there are some much needed tweaks to our beauty routines that we must do in order to not succumb to the dreaded winter beast. I’ve put together a list of 7 beauty tips to keep your skin hydrated, your makeup beautiful, your skin smelling fragrant and more! Check them out below!

Feeling Comfy & Warm In Your Clothes

This isn’t related to beauty as such, but it is in a way that feeling good in what you’re wearing, and being comfortable, makes you feel beautiful – so technically is it! There’s nothing worse than not wearing adequate amounts of layers and being freezing cold while you’re outside as it’s incredibly distracting and uncomfortable, but it’s equally as bad if you’re too hot and in too many layers that make you feel bulky and huge. I’ve been in both positions!

The key is to opt for light layering, so we’re talking about tank tops, fine knits, a decent sweater, and a comfortable coat. Teddy coats are probably the most comfortable and I love those as I can move freely in them while looking stylish. A nice cosy scarf, hat and mittens (mittens keep your hands warmer than gloves) are also super important, as you want to make sure you’re staying warm with these removable layers.

There’s also nothing worse than cold feet, but instead of wearing huge thick socks and some chunky boots that make you feel masculine or bulky, opt for something like the Ultra Mini Uggs. I personally just bought a pair and they’re going to be perfect for looking stylish as all of the celebs wear the Ultra Mini!

Winter Fragrance

Everyone loves a great summer, fruity or floral fragrance during the summertime. My personal favourite for the warmer weather this year was the Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia. It’s delicious! When it comes to the wintertime though, it’s time to exchange the fruity florals for something a little more musky and woody, with hints of winter notes like cinnamon, amber and musk.

There are many different scents that you could select for winter, like the brand Floris London from parfumdreams, or any other designer brand that you feel drawn to. The best thing you can do is do a scent test in the stores, which is what I was doing in the summertime. Go around and sniff all of the perfumes to see which scents you like the most. Take note of what notes are in each one that you like, and you’ll get a good idea of what you’re drawn to. Each of us like different fragrances, so there’s no one size fits all.

Conditioner & Hair Masks

In the wintertime, our hair becomes really dry and can sometimes be unmanageable. This is due to the cold outside and the dry air of the central heating indoors. The best thing you can do is invest in some really good conditioners and hair masks that you can leave on for about ten minutes, once a week. This will ensure that your hair is kept hydrated and nourished, making it much more manageable! Wearing hats can also make your hair flat and lifeless, so making sure it’s in tip top condition is a must!

Adjusting Your Make-Up Routine

We tend to get more colour in our skin in the summertime, meaning we often use darker foundations, but during the wintertime with minimal sun exposure, opting for a foundation that’s lighter is super important. There’s nothing worse than a foundation that doesn’t match your skin tone as you’ll end up with a darker orange line around your jaw. If you already know your skin tone (warm, neutral or cool) then go for a lighter shade in your regular summer foundation to suit.

Other winter makeup tips are going for a bit more of a bold statement. Summertime is all about the less is more vibe as it’s awful when you sweat your makeup off, but for the wintertime, darker eyes and lips are much more suited and a really good option! You can go for some kohl eyeliner and a heavy smoky eye with a bolder red shade lip, and it will look perfect and not too much, as all of your winter clothing and accessories will balance it out!

Intense Skin Moisturiser & Oils

Just like with your hair, during the cold months your skin can face severe dryness – I know mine does. We’re talking on the face, lips, hands and feet, and pretty much all over, but these are the four main areas that get effected the most from the central heating indoors and the cold bite on your exposed skin.

It’s really important to keep your skin moisturised with a good hydrating product, and an amazing lip balm. Cerave is great for dry skin and I regularly use Vaseline at night to hydrate my lips! But also using oils for your face is an important step. I do this and it always creates a great base for makeup, meaning that the dry skin areas wont show through. My favourite brand is Sunday Riley. I can’t be without my nightly routine of moisturising and oiling up – it’s the best skincare hack I’ve ever done in my life!

Get A Humidifier

I spent the last two winter seasons in Ohio and I can tell you that it’s so much colder there than it is in England. I noticed that my skin was dry even with my regular moisturising routine. If this is still the case for you, get a humidifier! It’s one of the best investments you can ever get! It really helps put moisture into the air and hydrate your living environment, so I 100% recommend it. It’s the best thing I ever did in terms of making the house environment more beauty friendly!

Stay Hydrated

We tend to drink less in the winter because we’re not as hot or sweating as much, but we can’t forget to do that! Another common factor for dry skin is not being hydrated enough. The more you make sure to drink your needed amount of water per day, the less your skin will be dry. Water actually makes up 64% of our skin, so it is the key to proper hydration. Water plumps the skin, encourages collagen production and flushes toxins, which also includes acne causing toxins, from our bodies. Without proper hydration from water, your skin will appear duller and will increase the chances of fine lines and wrinkles appearing.

So these are my 7 beauty tips for looking and feeling better during the winter months. What are some of yours? I’m interested in hearing your winter hacks!



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